SLD 250

Thyroid-Lit. 51010
Effect of Vitamin D supplementation on Graves’ Disease: The DAGMAR Trial

Thyroid-Lit. 51011
MOLETI, M. et al.
Preconception thyrotropin levels and thyroid function at early gestation in women with Hashimoto thyreoiditis

Thyroid-Lit. 51012
OLEINIKOV, K. et al.
A comparison of outcomes in medullary thyroid carcinoma patients with and without preoperative diagnosis: A multicenter retrospective cohort study

Thyroid-Lit. 51013
KESBY, N. et al.
Natural history and predictive factors of outcome in medullary thyroid microcarcinoma

Thyroid-Lit. 51014
FAZENDIN, J. et al.
Surgical treatment of hyperthyroidism can be performed safely before a euthyroid state is achieved

Thyroid-Lit. 51015
CURRÒ, N. et al.
Clinical and visual outcomes of dysthyroid optic neuropathy after surgical orbital decompression

Thyroid-Lit. 51016
DENG, Y. et al.
Risk factors and prediction models of lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma based on clinical and imaging characteristics

Thyroid-Lit. 51017
Application of the American Thyroid Association risk assessment in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma in a German population;

Thyroid-Lit. 51018
CHAVES, N. et al.
Delay in surgery and papillary thyroid cancer survival in the United States: a SEER-Medicare analysis

Thyroid-Lit. 51019
TIAN, T. et al.
Radioactive iodine therapy decreases the recurrence of intermediate-risk PTC with low thyroglobulin levels.

Thyroid-Lit. 51020
MACHENS, A. et al.
The changing face of multiple endocrine neoplasia 2 A: from symptom-based to preventive medicine

Thyroid-Lit. 51021
MEHUYS, E. et al.
Investigating levothyroxine use and its association with thyroid health in patients with hypothyroidism: a community pharmacy study


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