SLD 248

Thyroid-Lit. 50986
BROSE, M.S. et al.
Multikinase inhibitors for the treatment of asymptomatic radioactive iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer: global noninterventional study (RIFTOS MKI)

Thyroid-Lit. 50987
PALERMO, A. et al.
Clinical use of Raman spectroscopy improves diagnostic accuracy for indeterminate thyroid nodules.

Thyroid-Lit. 50988 
NOTO, B. et al.
Predictors of anxiety and depression in differentiated thyroid cancer survivors: results of a cross-sectional study.

Thyroid-Lit. 50989
KEEFE, G. et al.
Autoimmune thyroiditis and risk of malignancy in children with thyroid nodules.

Thyroid-Lit. 50990
GILL, S. et al.
Evaluating the progression to hypothyroidism in preconception euthyroid thyroid peroxidase antibody-positive women.

Thyroid-Lit. 50991
ORSOLINI, F. et al.
Thyroid function rather than thyroid antibodies affects pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: results of a prospective study.

Thyroid-Lit. 50992
DU PUY, R.S. et al.
No effect of levothyroxine on hemoglobulin in older age with subclinical hypothyroidism: pooled results from 2 randomized clinical trials.

Thyroid-Lit. 50993
KRIEGE, M. et al.
Impact of direct laryngoscopy vs. videolaryngoscopy on signal quality of recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring in thyroid surgery: a randomised parallel group trial.

Thyroid-Lit. 50994
An undetectable postoperative calcitonin level is associated with long-term disease-free survival in medullary thyroid carcinoma: Results of a retrospective cohort study

Thyroid-Lit. 50995
JERKOVICH, F. et al.
Active surveillance of small metastatic lymph nodes as an alternative to surgery in selected patients with low-risk papillary thyroid cancer: A retrospective cohort study

Thyroid-Lit. 50996
SAADAT, N. et al.
Treatment of post-radioactive iodine relapse of hyperthyroidism: comparison of long-term methimazole and radioactive iodine treatment

Thyroid-Lit. 50997
DUCHARME, M. et al.
A Novel Levothyroxine solution results in similar bioavailability whether taken 30 or just 15 minutes before a high-fat high-calorie meal

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