SLD 246

Thyroid-Lit. 50962
PITT, S. C. et al.
The influence of emotions on treatment decisions about low-risk thyroid cancer: A qualitative study

Thyroid-Lit. 50963
GUNN, A. H. et al.

Patient-reported outcomes following total thyreoidectomy for Graves’ Disease

Thyroid-Lit. 50964
AHN, J.-H. et al.

A prospective randomized controlled trial to assess the efficacy and safety of prophylactic central compartment lymph node dissection in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Thyroid-Lit. 50965
LENSCHOW, C. et al.
Clinical presentation, treatment, and outcome of parathyroid carcinoma

Thyroid-Lit. 50966
LI, Z. et al.

Outcome of parathyroid function after total thyroidectomy when calcium supplementation is administered routinely versus exclusively to symptomatic patients: a prospective randomized clinical trial.

Thyroid-Lit. 50967

Thyroidectomy without radioiodine in patients with low-risk thyroid cancer.

Thyroid-Lit. 50968
CHEETHAM, T. D. et al.

Adjuvant rituximab – exploratory trial in young people with Graves’ disease.

Thyroid-Lit. 50969
LIN, Y. et al.

Apatinib vs Placebo in patients with locally advanced or metastatic, radioactive iodine- refractory differentiated thyroid cancer – the REALITY randomized clinical trial.

Thyroid-Lit. 50970
MONTI, S. et al.

Cortisol deficiency in lenvatinib treatment of thyroid cancer: an underestimated common adverse effect.

Thyroid-Lit. 50971
TZIFI, F. et al.

Non-inferiority of liquid thyroxine in comparison to tablets formulation in the treatment if children with congenital hypothyroidism.

Thyroid-Lit. 50972
ALKAF, B. et al.

Ramadan fasting and changes in thyroid function in hypothyrodism: identifying patients at risk.

Thyroid-Lit. 50973
CHOU, R. et al.

Active surveillance versus thyroid surgery for differentiated thyroid cancer: a systematic review.

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