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Thyroid-Lit. 50890
CAPPELLANI, D. et al. 
Comparison between total thyroidectomy and medical therapy for amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis.

Thyroid-Lit. 50891
VERBURG, F.A. et al. 
Differentiated thyroid cancer patients potentially benefitting from postoperative I-131 therapy: a review of the literature of the past decade.

Thyroid-Lit. 50892
RODRIGUEZ, E.G. et al.
Skeletal effects of levothyroxine for subclinical hypothyroidism in older adults: a TRUST randomized trial nested study.

Thyroid-Lit. 50893
SPIRA, D. et al.
Association of thyroid function with handgrip strength – data from the study of health in Pomerania and the Berlin aging study II.

Thyroid-Lit. 50894
JASIM, S. et al.
Investigating the effect of thyroid nodule location on the risk of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid-Lit. 50895
SJÖLIN, B. et al.
The long-term outcome of treatment for Graves´ hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid-Lit. 50896
CORDES, J. et al.
Hormone replacement therapy with L-Thyroxine promotes working memory and concentration in thyroidectomized female patients after differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

Thyroid-Lit. 50897
SCHENKE, S. et al.
Risk stratification of thyroid nodules using the Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TIRADS): the omission of thyroid scintigraphy increases the rate of falsely suspected lesions.

Thyroid-Lit. 50898
GAN, T. et al.
The role of surgery in autoimmune conditions of the thyroid.

Thyroid-Lit. 50899
JENSEN, C.B. et al.
From overdiagnosis to overtreatment of low-risk thyroid cancer: A thematic analysis of attitudes and beliefs of endocrinologists, surgeons, and patients.

Thyroid-Lit. 50900
TORLINSKA, B. et al.
Patients treated for Hyperthyroidism are at increased risk of becoming obese: Findings from a large prospective secondary care cohort.

Thyroid-Lit. 50901
FOKS, M. et al.
Thyroid hormones as potential prognostic factors in sepsis.

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