SLD 235

Thyroid-Lit. 50830
RADETTI, G. et al.
Thyroid function in children and adolescents with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis after L-thyroxine discontinuation

Thyroid-Lit. 50831
ALBASHEMI, A. et al.
An Exploratory Study of Fatigue and Physical Activity in Canadian Thyroid Cancer Patients

Thyroid-Lit. 50832
CAVALLO, A. et al.
Thyroid Nodule Size at Ultrasound as a Predictor of Malignancy and Final Pathologic Size

Thyroid-Lit. 50833
COLLARES, F.M. et al.
Maternal thyroid function, prepregnancy obesity and gestational weight Gain – The Generation R Study: A prospective cohort study

Thyroid-Lit. 50834
VUONG, H.G. et al.
Prognostic implication of BRAF and TERT promoter mutation combination in papillary thyroid carcinoma – A meta-analysis

Thyroid-Lit. 50835
VEIT, F. et al.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer and Coexisting Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Thyroid-Lit. 50836
LI, X. et al.
The lipid-lowering effect of levothyroxine in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: a systemic review and metaanalysis of randomized controlled trials

Thyroid-Lit. 50837
VERBURG, F.A. et al.
Only a Rapid Complete Biochemical Remission After 131I-Therapy is Associated with an Unimpaired Life Expectancy in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid-Lit. 50838
HALL, S.F. et al.
Do Lower-Risk Thyroid Cancer Patients Who Live in Regions with More Aggressive Treatments Have Better Outcomes?

Thyroid-Lit. 50839
BUTLER, A.M. et al.
Newborn Thyroid Screening: Influence of Pre-Analytic Variables on Dried Blood Spot Thyrotropin Measurement

Thyroid-Lit. 50840
AZIZI, A. et al.
Long-Term Antithyroid Drug Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Thyroid-Lit. 50841
AUBERT, C.E. et al.
The association between subclinal thyroid dysfunction and dementia: The health, aging and body composition (Health ABC) Study

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